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Reclaim Your Desk Space: Enjoy a sleek solution that will help you save desk space while improving productivity. Our small usb keyboard is only 11.2" x 4.6" making it perfect for any setup

Backlit for Any Situation: It's nice to actually see the keys while we type. Thats why our apple wired keyboard backlit has white LEDs that offer 3 brightness levels

Made Specifically for Mac: Featuring a MacOS specific layout, the wired mac keyboard has 78 keys with 13 shortcuts that will feel familiar and improve workflow for any apple device user

Plug and Play Wired Connection: Simply plug the 5ft USB-A cable in and begin typing instantly. The compatible Apple keyboard without number pad is perfect for iMac or Macbook

What You'll Receive: Your satisfaction is valued tremendously. So, with our mac wired keyboard small you will also receive hassle-free returns, lifetime customer support, and up to 2 years of warranty

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Free Shipping Over $75
Hassle Free Returns
24 Months Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Mac Computers & Laptops

• Dimensions: 11.2" x 4.6" x 0.9"
• Weight: 953g
• Connectivity: Gold Plated USB-A Wired (5.9ft)
• Compatibility: Mac
• White Backlighting
• LED Indicators
• 78-Key Configuration
• 13 Shortcut/Media Keys
• Tactile Scissor Switch Keys

What type of keyboard is this? when installing, my mac asks if this is jis, iso, or ansi?
If you're in America (and possibly certainly other countries?) it's ANSI ( ANSI stands for "American National Standards Institute").

Can the kickstand fold to let the keyboard lay flat or is it at a permanent angle?

It is at a permanent angle, there are no adjustable feet.

Does this keyboard have a Caps Lock indicator?
Yes, tiny lights in the upper right corner for power, cap lock, and fn lock.