5" Adjustable Tri-Wing Car Cup Phone Holder With Cable Management Cradle (MCUP3WXL)

The Macally MCUP3WXL car cup phone holder features a 5” flexible gooseneck and 360° rotatable cradle that allows you to achieve the best hands free viewing angles for your phone.

The 3 winged adjustable base is equipped with rubberized padded base arms to provide maximum friction when inside the cup holder and expands to accommodate small, medium and large cup holders between 2.6”and 4” wide.

Also, our phone cradle is uniquely designed with a one of a kind cable management clip to help keep your charging cables organized and at arm’s reach.


  • Adjustable cradle grips to accommodate any mobile device between 2" and 3.74" wide (with/without protective case)
  • 3 winged adjustable rubberized padded base to accommodate cup holders between 2.6” and 4” wide
  • 5” flexible gooseneck and 360° rotatable holder so you can achieve an optimal viewing angle
  • Pull down cable management hanger to keep your charging cable in reach at all times
  • Adjustable bottom phone support to ensure full access to your charging port and headphone jack
  • Rubberized padded base arms to provide maximum friction when inside the cup holder. 


  • ESSENTIAL CAR ACCESSORY: Distractions when driving are dangerous. Therefore, our cup holder phone mount will help you stay focused on the road by offering a convenient hands-free solution to display your phone safely and securely in your car.
  • MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITY: Designed with a 5” flexible gooseneck and a 360° cradle, you will have the ability to adjust your cup phone holder for car to any viewing angle you desire. This will allow you to safely view your phone during your commute.
  • SECURE & DURABLE: With rubberized padded base arms to prevent mounting damage and adjustable cradle grips to compensate cup holders 2.6”-4” wide, the phone cup holder offers a strong grip & vibration free experience. 
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Loose and tangled cables are a thing of the past when using our car cup phone holder. With a built in cable management hanger you will be able keep your charging cables organized and within arms reach.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY USER: We believe that you, the driver, should be comfortable and safe when behind the wheel. Therefore, our car phone cup holder accommodates any phone 2”-3.74” wide to allow for both iPhone and Android users to enjoy. 


  • Place the mCup3WXL into your cup holder and align the 3 wings so that they make full contact with the inside walls of your cup holder once expanded.
  • Expand the base arms by turning the base expansion knob clockwise.  Then bend and make adjustments to the gooseneck as needed. 
  • Press the cradle arm release button to expand the cradle arms, place your phone into the cradle and push the cradle arms inward to lock them in place. 
  • To utilize the side cable management hanger, simply pull it downward and place your charging cable into the hanger. 


Type: Car & Truck Accessories

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