3-in-1 (ring, pop-stand, magnetic) Car Air Vent Phone Holder (mRingPopMag)

The Macally 3-in-1 mRingPopMag is a one of a kind air vent holder that allows you to keep your eyes on the road, your phone in view, and your calls 100% hands-free.  The holder is uniquely designed to accommodate Pop-Stands, standard Ring cases and has a powerful magnet to securely hold any size Smartphone.  Once in place, the mRingPopMag allows you to effortlessly place and remove your phone in your car.  Drive safe with the Macally mRingPopMag.


  • 3-in-1 design to accommodate Pop-Stands, standard Ring cases and has a powerful magnet to securely hold any size Smartphone using the included metal plates
  • Simple and stable design; Soft silicon clamp to mount the holder securely on most standard horizontal and vertical car air vents
  • Magnetic mount securely holds any size Smartphone, also while in a protective case
  • Easy to attach and detach so it can be moved between vehicles
  • Rotatable vent clip to accommodate vertical and horizontal air vents


  • Universal magnetic, Pop-Stand, Ring case phone holder for iPhone and android phones
  • 100% safe and reliable Neodymium magnet; 50% stronger than regular magnets
  • Easy to use and sets up in seconds; mounts effortlessly to a vehicle’s air vent
  • Allows for hands-free use with the Pop-Stands and Ring cases



  1. Grasp the phone holder firmly and pull the front of the holder forward to expose the Pop-Stand slot
  2. Make sure your Pop-Stand is fully expanded, slide it downward into the holder then push your phone inward towards the vent to tighten the hold


  1. Flip the ring outward and slide it into the ring slot opening of the holder.


  1. Remove the protective film from the back of the metal plate and stick it to the back of your Smartphone or case. NOTE: For Smartphone's equipped with wireless charging, we recommend placing the metal place on the lower half of the phone so that it does not interfere with the charging coil.
  2. Phones without a case – Stick the metal plate directly onto the back of your phone.
  3. Phones with a thin case – Place the metal plate between the phone and the case.
  4. Phones with a thick case - If step#3 does not provide enough magnetic mounting force, you can stick the metal plate directly onto the back of the phone case.
  5. Place the mobile device onto the magnet holder.



Type: Car & Truck Accessories

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