Car Vent Mount for iPhone/Smartphone (MVENTCLIP)

The Macally MVENTCLIP securely mounts your mobile device to the air vent on your car’s dashboard without obstructing your view while you drive! The fully adjustable MVENTCLIP offers many viewing angles and is therefore perfect for navigation. The MVENTCLIP  supports any mobile device between 2"~3.5" inches (51~89 mm) width. 



  • Car air vent mount holder offers the best viewing angle for navigation without blocking your driving view
  • Soft silicon adjustable clip to mount your iPhone/smartphone securely on most standard horizontal and vertical air vents
  • Fits mobile devices with the bulkiest cases sized between 2"~3.5" inches (51~89 mm)
  • Swivel ball joint to accommodate optimal viewing angles and 360° rotation



  • Enhanced holder safeguards  your phone while you're driving
  • Clip on design allows for secure hold
  • Fits mobile devices with the bulkiest cases sized between 1.97" and 4.5
  • Padded arms to prevent scratches



Type: Car Mounts and Holders

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