Car Vent Mount with Gravity Phone Holder (MVENTGRAVITY)

The Macally MVENTGRAVITY is designed to allow one hand operation to mount your phone onto your car’s air vent. Simply place the phone in the cradle and the grips will automatically close. To remove the phone is just as easy. Press the button to release the grips and remove your phone. The cradle grips open between 60 mm (2.36") and 86 mm (3.39") width to support a wide range of phones, with or without protection cases. The vent clamp can be easily and securely tightened in the air vent with the screw handle on the top. The supporting stand offloads the stress from the air vent and ensures a wide open vent for optimal air flow. The Macally MVENTGRAVITY offers many viewing angles and is perfect for navigation without obstructing your view while you drive! 


  • Fits any phone with the bulkiest case between 2.36" and 3.39" width, and up to 0.5" thickness
  • Spring loaded cradle grips for convenient one hand operation to easily mount and remove your phone 
  • Button to extend the cradle bottom support to accommodate taller phones
  • Soft grip pad and back support to protect your mobile device from scratching
  • Adjustable clamp to mount your phone securely on most standard horizontal and vertical air vents
  • Swivel ball-head to accommodate optimal viewing angles
  • Adjustable supporting stand for added mounting stability
  • Quick rotation between portrait and landscape view


  • Clampmount with tightening screw and supporting stand
  • For iPhone/smartphone, also while in a case
  • 360º rotatable viewing angle perfect for navigation use
  • Wide viewing angles for driver or passenger


Important note: Do NOT mount/unmount/adjust the Macally car phone mount while driving your car. Please pull over and come to a stop where it is safe to do so and does not impede traffic, and only then you can mount/unmount/adjust the Macally car phone mount.

  1. Install the cradle on top of the base and slide down until it clicks and locks.
  2. Find the desired location on the air vent in the dashboard of your car.
  3. Insert the clamp to the air vent and tighten the screw handle clockwise to lock it securely into place. 
  4. Press the supporting stand release buttons and swivel the stand until it seats on a surface to support the mount.
  5. Place your phone on the cradle bottom support and push it downward to open the cradle grips.
  6. When the cradle grips open wide enough, lay your phone onto the cradle back support.
  7. Lift up your phone just a little bit to retract and fully close the grips to hold your phone securely.
  8. If you have a large size phone (6.5-inch or longer), you may want to extend the cradle bottom support. In order to do this, press the release button and pull down the cradle bottom support to the desired length.
  9. To adjust the viewing angle of the cradle, slightly unscrew the ball-head counterclockwise to loosen up the ball-head. 
  10. Once you have found the desired viewing angle, turn the ball-head screw cap clockwise to tie the ball-head and cradle into place.
  11. To change between vertical and horizontal views, just hold and turn the cradle with your phone.
  12. To remove your phone from the cradle, press it downward and the grips will open.



Type: Car & Truck Accessories

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