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Car Phone Holder | Fits All Cup Holders

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MUST HAVE DRIVING ACCESSORY: Spend more time focusing on the road and less on fidgeting with your phone! The MCUP phone holder will provide you with enjoyable hands-free viewing experience so you can drive comfortably.

  • Perfect Viewing Angle
  • Secure Fit for Your Phone
  • Adjustable Base
  • Easy to Reach Support
  • Lifetime Support

  • 30 Day Returns

  • $75+ Ships Free

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Adjustable base for a perfect fit in most car's cup holder
  • Flexible neck holder and swivel holder to suit your desired viewing angle
  • 3 selectable holder positions to fit your iPhone, iPod and most mobile phones perfectly
  • Swivel holder to view your iPhone / iPod vertically or horizontally
  • Soft holder grips and soft anti scratch padding that will not scratch your device


Arm Grip Width & One Release Button:

  • Minimum width: 1.77"
  • Maximum width: 4.1"

360° Rotatable Head Unit:

Adjustable Two Swivel Supports:

Base Diameter:

  • Minimum base diameter:2.7"
  • Maximum base diameter: 3.7"

Flexible Neck*MCUP's Maximum height: 9.37" See MCUPXL for one with a longer neck.

  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.8 x 3.3 inches

Yes, this works with bulky cases and Phones with 1.77 inches and 4.1 inches in width.
This is compatible with Cup Holder Range with Minimum base diameter: 2.7" and Maximum base diameter: 3.7".

Yes. But to be sure, always measure the cup holder as the MCUP is adjustable to fit:
-Minimum width: 1.77"
-Maximum width: 4.1"

Turn the knob above the base to expand the base. It takes a lot of turns before you see the parts of the base that expand move at all but eventually they do.

The XL is a longer neck that holds the phone. So if a cup holder sits low from a dashboard it would put your phone up higher and easier to view.

No, this is for phones / cases up to:
-Minimum width: 1.77"
-Maximum width: 4.1"

For tablets look into our tablet mounts.