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BTSOLARKEYSG - Solar Powered Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

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The Macally BTSOLARKEYSG is a stylish Bluetooth solar keyboard, especially designed for Mac. It has 110 full size, thin and quiet Scissor-Key-Switch™ keycaps for a sensitive and responsive touch.

Solar or Wired Charging: Our bluetooth keyboard for mac has 4 solar panels that recharge the 600mAh battery via any light source indoor or outdoor. Or, use the provided USB-C cable. Lasts 150hrs per charge in total darkness.

Zero-Lag Bluetooth: Experience instant pairing and a lag-free typing experience. Our updated bluetooth keyboard mac is easy to pair and offers a wireless range of 30ft. Or, simply connect directly to your device with the provided cable.

Connect 3 Devices Simultaneously: Streamline your workflow with the multi-sync feature. Our wireless mac keyboard allows you to pair and switch between 3 devices instantly. This includes you Macbook, iMac, iPad, or iPhone.

Designed Specifically for Mac: Enjoy maximum productivity. The mac compatible keyboard is made specifically for Apple users with 21 MacOSX shortcuts, a 110-key mac layout, and a space gray finish.


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Free Shipping Over $75
Hassle Free Returns
24 Months Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

• Any Mac computer with a Bluetooth host

• Mac OS X v10.6 to Mac OS X v10.13 and above

• iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro with the latest OS

- Dimensions: 6.1 x 17.2 x 0.66 inches

- Weight: 1.6lbs

- Connectivity: Bluetooth or wired

- LED Indicators

- 110-Key Layout

- 21 Shortcut/Media Keys

- Solar Powered

How do I pair the BTSOLARKEYSG with three devices?
Press and hold the Fn key. While holding the Fn key press the number 1, 2, or 3 on the number row and let go then press and hold the Fn key, and while holding the Fn key press the letter P and let go of both.

How do I "quick switch" using the BTSOLARKEYSG?
You press and hold the Fn key and while holding it press 1, 2, or 3 on the number row and let go. You do not need to press and hold Fn and press P. That will remove the paired device.

My number pad does not work and I am on my Mac. What do I do?
Go to System Preferences, then click on Accessibility. After that, find pointer controls and disable mouse keys.

Is the BTSOLARKEYSG battery operated?Yes, it charges by both solar and wired.

My shortcuts for F1 through F15 are not working for the BTSOLARKEYSG. How do I get it to work?
Look in the top center on the BTSOLARKEYSG. There are 5 LED lights. One of the 5 has a picture of a Lock. If that LED light is on, that means that the shortcuts are disabled. You can enable them again by pressing and holding the Fn key and pressing the ESC key and letting both of them go.

What are the four buttons that are near the Number padded side?
The button that has a keyboard, the button with the square, the key with the magnifying glass, and the key with a lock are all for iPhones and iPads.