Multipurpose Foldable Table For Laptops up to 17.3" (FOLDTABLE)

Type: Stands

The Macally FOLDTABLE is made of high quality lightweight material making it the perfect companion when away from your desk. With our laptop table, you can conveniently use your laptop in bed, on the floor, sofa or even on the couch. The height of the legs and angle of the surface can easily be adjusted, so you can choose the most comfortable setting as needed. The laptop table can fold flat to easily store under your bed, sofa, etc. and is light enough to carry around, which makes it portable and perfect for traveling.


  • Rubberized wrist-rest
  • Folds flat to make it easier to store away and carry
  • Auto-lock buttons on each side allows for quick and easy height adjustments
  • Quick access levers to adjust the angle


  • Designed to hold your laptop while you sit on the sofa or lay in bed
  • Multiple angle and height adjustments to fit your body position
  • Foldable and lightweight for efficient storage and maximum portability
  • No assembly required
  • Material: MDF, Aluminum, ABS
  • Height: Adjustable from 9.25"-12.4" 
  • Angle: Adjustable from 0-30 deg
  • Physical Dimensions (open/max height): 22" x 11.75" x 12.4" 
  • Weight: Gross 4.15lbs
  • Lap width clearance 19.5" 


  1. Unfold the table legs.
  2. Insert the laptop railing and wrist-rest.
  3. Adjust height by pressing in the height adjustment buttons located on each leg.
  4. Adjust the angle by releasing the angle adjustment lever located on each side above the height adjustment button. 


Question:  Will it fit plus size legs? 
Answer: Yes. The FOLDTABLE's legs do angle outward slightly another .5 inch,  for a total of 22.5 inches width. 

Question: Will it maintain balance on a couch or chair? 
Answer: Yes, The FOLDTABLE will maintain balance on a chair, couch, bed's firm foundation. (A pillow top/soft foundation may affect stability.)

Question: How much weight can this table handle? 
Answer: The FOLDTABLE can hold up to 5.5 lbs.

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