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MCUPEXPANDER - Car Cup Holder Tray and Cup Holder Expander for Car

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A Comfortable Meal in the Car: Enjoy your food, take a sip of your drink, and watch your favorite show on your phone. Our car cup holder expander tray allows you to do all this in the comfort of your car.

9" Tray for Food or Extra Storage: The cupholder tray has enough space for a burger and fries or offers you extra storage room for your phone, keys, and wallet.

Expands Your Cupholder to Fit Most Bottles:
Our car cup holder expander tray improves your existing vehicle's cupholder to securely accept various cups and bottles, small or large, up to 4" wide.

Adjustable for the Perfect Angle:
Set it how you like. Our food tray for car can rotate 360° while a swivel joint allows you to rotate the tray towards the driver or passenger seat.

Expandable Base to fit Most Cars: Our car eating tray with an expandable cup holder has an adjustable base to fit a wide range of cupholders 3"-4.1" wide. The base has rubber arms for a scratch free and secure hold.

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Free Shipping Over $75
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Compatible with Cup Holders 3" to 4.1" wide
-Various cups and bottles, small or large, up to 4" wide

* Dimensions: ‎7.04" x 9.06" x 5.12" inches

* Weight: ‎1.7
* Large 9" round tray so that you can use it as a sauce tray and comfortably eat while parked.
* Tray weight limit: 3lbs
* Adjustable to fit any cup holder between 3 inches to 4.1 inches wide.
* 360° swivel design allows you to effortlessly rotate the tray back and forth between driver and passenger.
* Adjustable arm to perfectly position the angle and height.
* Padded Smartphone slot so you can watch your favorite show or movies while you sit and eat*.
* Creates extra storage so you can keep your keys, loose change, pens and much more at the tip of your fingers.

Package content: Phone Mount Tray and user guide

Does this product come with the hamburger?
In your dreams.

How thick is the arm? also if this is cheaply made, we’re can I find one in gp, oregon?
The reinforced adjustable arm is strong and secure enough to hold up to 3lbs. Leave your 5 pound steak at home.

Would this work in a stroller cup holder?
Possibly depending on the diameter (refer to specs).

what is the maximum weight can this product hold?
3lbs. - Use this tray for just quick meals on the go, like: a pre-made salad, couple slices of pizza, sub-sandwich, container of mac/cheese, etc. It just helps from the food falling into your lap when taking bites.

Can these be easily removed and reinstalled as needed or are they permanently installed?
Yes, just twist the cup holder fitting and remove or install in seconds.