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ACEKEY2MA - 2 Zone Keyboard for Mac and Windows

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Save Space and Work Better: Our small keyboard features a unique "2-zone" layout. This means there are only 2 designated zones for keys, thus saving space without sacrificing your ability to work.

- Stylish silver top finish with brushed stainless steel bottom cover on a compact keyboard.

- 98 full size thin keycaps for a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

- 16 convenient shortcut keys for one-touch control of Mac and PC applications and enhanced productivity.

- 17-key numeric keypad to quickly and efficiently enter long sequences of numbers.

- LED indicators for Power Light, Caps Lock, PC Num Locck  and Function Lock.

- Plug and Play via USB connection (No driver or software required.)

- Ultra slim and low profile to save space on the desk and easy storage inside a keyboard drawer.

- Long 5FT USB cable to connect to computer, even if it is underneath a desk.

- System requirement: Any desktop or notebook computer with an available USB-A port; MacOS X 10.6 to 10.15 and above; Windows 7/8/10 and above; Chrome OS.

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Free Shipping Over $75
Hassle Free Returns
24 Months Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Operating system: Windows OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac OS

• Dimensions: 0.62" (H) x 14.4" (W) x 0.49" (D)

• Weight: 0.84lbs

• Compatibility: Any Computer or Laptop with USB-A Port

• System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.12 and above/ Windows 7/8/10

• 5FT USB-A Cable

• 98 Keys

• 16 Shortcut Keys

• LED Indicators

• Stainless Steel Base

I want an apple mac small greek plug in keyboard
I am very happy with this Macally Apple Wired Keyboard - compatible keyboard for Mac and Windows.

I have the macally slimkeycsg but the key are too small for my hands. are the keys size the same on this one or a little large??
key sizes and spacing are identical to my previous 2 Apple Mac keyboards. However, Control, Option, and Command keys are smaller and therefore placed a little differently--to add a "fn" button on the left, and to squeeze in the direction keys (arrows) on the right. Drives me a little nuts, but allows the keyboard to be narrower

i have a macbook air 2021. this will work, i just need a USB adaptor, is that right? thank you!
Yes, it does work. Just make sure after you plug in your keyboard, go to System Preferences - Keyboard - Change Keyboard Type - then reconfigure your keyboard

Why the keyboard doesn't work on windows 10?
I have to keep switching USB ports