Magnetic Car Cup Holder Phone Mount (MCUPMAG)


  • Car cup holder mount offers the best viewing angle for navigation without blocking your driving view
  • Magnetic holder securely holds any size iPhone/smartphone (with or without case) and most GPS*
  • 100% safe** Neodymium magnet, 50% more powerful than regular magnets
  • Two different shaped metallic plates with 3M adhesive to attach to iPhone/smartphone, interior or exterior of a case
  • Adjustable base for a perfect fit in most cars’ cup holders
  • 8"/20 cm long flexible neck for the best viewing angle
  • Includes MCUPMAG, Two metallic plates (rectangle, circle) and user guide


  • Compact and low profile to blend in with your car's interior
  • Quickly and easily attach and detach your phone
  • Uses premium ultra strong neodymium magnet to keep your phone in place
  • 3m strong adhesive to affix mount to dashboard

* For the mount to be able to hold the iPhone/smartphone it is required to attach the included metal plate to the iPhone/smartphone or its case.
** Do NOT use with iPod classic or any device with hard drive. The strong magnetic fields of the Neodymium magnet that is a part of this product can damage magnetic hard drives and other similar devices.


Type: Car Mounts and Holders

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