Car Dashboard Holder for Smartphones and GPS Units (MDASHCLAMP)

Type: Car & Truck Accessories

The Macally mDashClamp keeps the drivers line of sight consistent with the road at all times.   The flexible gel pad attaches to just about any smooth or textured dashboard and its stylish textured finish allows it to blend in nicely to your vehicles interior. This unique dashboard holder has a wide  4"/10 cm alligator style clamp and keeps your  mobile device  in place even during the sharpest turns.


  • Keeps the smartphone in clear line of sight and allows the driver to look at the phone screen while driving. 
  • Helps keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents when driving.
  • Large flexible gel pad helps keep your phone in place even during the sharpest turns.
  • Keeps your phone within easy reach
  • Works with phones that have bulky cases or protruding accessories


  • Thoroughly clean and dry your dashboard. 
  • Find a visible and reachable place on your dashboard to place the holder then remove the transparent film from the gel pad and place the holder on your dashboard 
  • Press down on the clamp handle, place your mobile device into the bottom grip and slowly release the handle to bring the clamp back downward. 


  • Please make sure the surface is dry and dust free prior to removing the transparent film from the gel pad. 
  • Wash the gel pad with water and soap when needed to help rejuvenate the pad.

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