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BM2KEY - Mac Mechanical Keyboard Backlit

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Balanced for Work and Play: Work on daily tasks then jump straight into intense gaming. Our mechanical mac keyboard is equipped to give you the best of both worlds.

Satisfying Audible Keystrokes: Built with mechanical brown switches, each keystroke on the backlit mac keyboard will be tactile and responsive. Please note there will be a clicking sound when you type.

Dynamic White Backlighting: Enjoy working in any lighting situation. The mac wired keyboard has bright white backlit LEDs. 4 brightness levels, 9 lighting effects, and 3 additional programmable presets.

Compact TKL Configuration: The easy switch feature in our brown switch keyboard allows all 87 keys and 16 shortcut keys to function on both Mac and PC while saving desk space.

What You'll Receive: At Macally your satisfaction is valued. So, along with the mechanical keyboard mac / pc, you will also receive lifetime support, hassle-free returns, and 2 years of warranty.

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Free Shipping Over $75
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Free Shipping Over $75
Hassle Free Returns
24 Months Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

MacOS, Windows

- Plug and Play: Simply plug the gold plated USB-A wired cable into your mac, pc, or chrome and begin typing instantly.

- Dimensions: 14.3" x 5.5" x 1.4"

- Weight: 953g

- Connectivity: Gold Plated USB-A Wired (5.9ft)

- Compatibility: Mac | PC | Chrome

- Adjustable/Programmable White Backlighting

- LED Indicators

- 87-Key "TKL" Configuration

- 16 Shortcut/Media Keys

- Brown Mechanical Switches

Is this wireless?
No, USB-A Wired

Does the Macally Mac keyboard maintain the current backlight brightness level and effects settings when the Mac is put to sleep or powered down?

Which type of brown switch does this board use?
Kailh Brown Switches.