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VCSTAND - Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk Adjustable

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OPTIMIZE YOUR WORKSTATION: The laptop vertical stand will enhance your workplace with its sleek style, everyday practicality, and space-saving design. Elegantly display your laptop or when using an external monitor.

BROAD COMPATIBILITY: With an adjustable cradle, our vertical macbook stand works with virtually any laptop. Fits any device between 0. 63” to 1.19” making it the perfect macbook pro vertical stand or macbook air stand. Also works with tablets.

INTUITIVE CRAFTSMANSHIP & DESIGN: Built with durable SECC steel, this macbook dock is rock solid. The combination of rubber base pads with the weight of the metal makes it sturdy and nearly impossible to knock over.

ADDED BENEFITS: The macbook vertical dock will save you desk space as well as improve airflow to reduce heat for your laptop with the stand’s open and upright design. Also matches macbooks perfectly.

At Macally, we strive for excellence in our products as well as our customer service. Therefore our macbook stand vertical is backed by a two year warranty and easy to reach support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and any laptop with a thickness between .63” and 1.19” (1.6 cm to 3 cm)

• Material: SECC Steel
• Color: Aluminum
• Dimensions: 3.5 (H) x 7.08 (W) x 3.93 (D) inches
• Weight: .85lbs / 386 g
• Package Contents: VCSTANDA, screw driver and user guide

It looks like there is a film over the laptop padding. Is this something to peel off or not?
Yes that is the case, there is an adhesive-transparent protective film. However, it is not recommended.

Will an Alienware 17 r5 fit in there?
As long as the thickness is between .63 - 1.19 inches it will fit.

Is it comfortable to use the keyboard on the laptop? I don’t want to have to get a wireless laptop keyboard too.
It depends a bit on what you're used to, but it will still be comfortable to use. As long as your laptop keyboard has a place to rest your wrists while typing it should be fine (as the stand does raise the keyboard above what you may be used to.

Will this work with a Mac Mini?
No see specs for max thickness.