Mac Full Size USB Keyboard with 104 Keys (XKEY)

Type: Keyboards

The Macally XKEY is a full size USB keyboard, specially designed for Mac. Plug and play, this keyboard doesn’t require any installation software and is very easy to use! The keyboard has a standard layout with full size keys for a comfortable and efficient typing experience. It also has 16 convenient shortcut keys and a 17-key numeric keypad to increase efficiency and productivity. Solid, easy to use, and functional, the Macally XKEY is ideal for office and school. 


  • Full size and thin keys for a comfortable and efficient typing experience
  • 16 convenient shortcut keys for one-touch control of Mac applications and enhanced productivity
  • 17-key numeric keypad to quickly and efficiently enter long sequences of numbers
  • LED indicators for Caps Lock and Fn Key Lock
  • Plug and Play via USB (No software required)
  • Long 150 cm USB cable to connect to computer, even if it is underneath a desk
  • Easily change the Function key settings without going into System Preferences, by pressing "Fn + ESC". Quickly go from performing special features shown in each key's icon to standard function keys (F1, F2, F3..)
  • System requirements: USB port; Mac OS X v10.6 or later

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