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Tech accessories crafted for the Apple enthusiast

Our mission is simple: to create products that are "innovative," "intuitive," and "indispensable," making your daily tech encounters seamless and enjoyable.

Our "Innovative" Story

We take innovation seriously, which was why we crafted the iKey Keyboard back in 1993, around the time Macintosh (Apple) released their Power Book. We knew then, we would always strive to be an Ally with our customers to put their practical needs first.

Evolving "Intuitive" Designs Endlessly.

Since the iKey series, we've been committed to providing products that seamlessly integrate with Apple's suite of devices, ensuring a harmonious tech experience for all. From keyboards with built-in USB hubs, spill-proof designs & mult-device syncing, to Laptop stands, USB lighting & iPhone stands, we will ensure our devices meet the intuitive needs for all our customers.

"Indispensable" Quality and Your Ally for Life

Now, with over a 30 year legacy, we recognize life has become increasingly complex. That is why we garauntee to be your Ally amidst the chaos of life and strive to make your digital life easier. No matter where life takes you, our devices are covered up to 2 years with a lifetime of customer-centric support.

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