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USB Keyboard | Ergo Design & Mac Compatible

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Experience unparalleled comfort and functionality with the Macally Ergonomic Mac Wired Keyboard. Tailored for MacOSX users, it features a split design, padded wrist cushion, and dedicated MacOS shortcuts, merging ergonomics with Apple aesthetics for your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.

Enhanced Functionality and Comfort for Mac Environments

Adjustable Kickstand for Optimal Typing Angle

Angled Key Design for Natural Hand Positioning

30 Day Risk Free Trial and 2 Year Warranty

Comfort and Efficiency for Your Mac

Tailored Comfort and Style for Mac Users

Designed specifically for MacOSX, our wired keyboard for mac is a great solution for a imac keyboard and macbook keyboard by offering comfort, functionality, and "apple like" aesthetics.

Less Strain and More Support

Ergonomic Design for Enduring Comfort

A padded wrist cushion and kickstand is integrated in our wired ergonomic keyboard to prevent discomfort and fatigue when typing for long periods of time.

Split Ergonomic Design for Natural Typing

Natural Typing with Split Ergonomic Layout

Unlike a typical desktop keyboard that causes you to type in an awkward positon, our split keyboard splits the keys to 2 zones and at an angle for natural hand and forearm posture.

Work Better With an Extended Layout

Maximize Productivity with Enhanced Keyboard Layout

Our wired mac keyboard features a layout with 110 keys, 21 MacOSX Shortcuts, numeric keypad, and LED indicators so you can complete any computer task.

Comprehensive Coverage with Lifetime Support

At Macally, we want to ensure you are covered on all bases. Therefore, with our split ergonomic keyboard wired, you will also receive lifetime support, free returns, and 2 year warranty.