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Laptop Stand | For Laptops 10” to 17.3”

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Introducing the Macally ASTANDSG, a sleek aluminum laptop stand designed to elevate your workspace. Compatible with laptops from 10" to 17.3", this space gray riser combines style with functionality, offering ergonomic benefits and enhanced cooling.
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Stylish aluminum fits any laptop design.

Elevates laptop for ergonomic viewing.

Secure hold with non-slip pads and edges.

Compatible with 10”-17.3” laptops.

Macally Aluminum Laptop Stand for Mac/PC in Space Gray

Ergonomic Comfort

Raise your laptop to the ideal eye level to prevent hunching, significantly reducing neck and shoulder strain for a more comfortable workspace.

Sleek Aluminum Desk Riser Laptop Stand by Macally - Space Gray, for Mac and PC

Secure & Stylish

Not only does it match your MacBook or PC laptop, but secure grips and sturdy design ensure your device stays safely in place.

Macally Space Gray Aluminum Laptop Stand - Ergonomic Desk Riser for Mac/PC

Enhance Cooling

The open aluminum design promotes natural air ventilation, keeping your laptop cool and performing at optimal speeds.

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