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Touch Lamp | Night Light + USB Ports (Wood)

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Aluminum Wood
Elevate your bedside with the Macally Small Bedside Lamp, featuring smart touch activation and USB charging ports. This dimmable warm white lamp combines functionality with simplicity, making it the perfect nightstand companion for charging devices and setting the mood.

Charge and Shine with Smart Convenience

Effortless Control with a Simple Touch

Customizable Comfort Lighting

30 Day Risk Free Trial and 2 Year Warranty

Perfect Bedroom Companion

Enhance Your Nightstand with a Multi-Functional Lamp and Charging Station

Our nightstand lamp adds practicality and convenience to your bedroom as it transforms your table into a charging station with 4 Smart IC USB ports to charge smartphones, tablets, and all other devices quickly and safely.

Touch Activated

Effortless Control with Touch-Activated USB Lamp

This easy to use USB touch lamp will create a warm and pleasant atmosphere with just your fingertips. Simply tap the light to turn it on/off or switch between modes.

Dimmable Lightning

Adjustable USB Lamp with Customizable Brightness Levels

With 3 levels of brightness and 4 stage controls (dim, mid, bright, off), the USB bedroom lamp's cozy white lighting (2700K) gives you the option to select the perfect lighting level for any situation or if you do not want to bother those around you.

Streamlined USB Lamp to Minimize Nightstand Clutter

The compact nature and features of this USB lamp eliminate the need for extra chargers, outlets, and accessories reducing the clutter on your nightstand. The small lamp just works.

Safe and Smart Charging with Protective USB Table Lamp

At Macally we want to ensure that you can go to bed peacefully and worry-free. Our USB table lamp is equipped with SMART IC charging therefore your devices are protected from overcharging and short circuits.